OverTheWire Wargame "Natas" Level 0 [How-To/Web]

OverTheWire has released a new WarGame called "Natas" which focuses on web security, so I thought I'd try my hand at it and give some walkthroughs/how-tos as I beat each level. I'm still a newbie at websec, so deal with me!

Going to the front page of Natas, it gives us the creds to get into level 0, so we need to find level 1's creds somehow.

We go to Natas Level 0 and enter the creds given to us, "natas0:natas0" which presents us with this page:

I use Google Chrome as a browser, which can view the source of a webpage directly. To do this, right click and select "view page source":

This gives us the source code, which breaks the first level:

We can see that the password is "9hSaVoey44Puz0fbWlHtZh5jTooLVplC", and we know the username for the next level is natas1, so we can continue to Natas Level 1, congrats!

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