How to Unfollow Blogs or "Reading List" on Google [Non-Technical]

This is a very non-technical post, but I could not find ANY information about unfollowing blogs through Blogger without directly going to the blog and clicking a bunch (which from my point of view is INCREDIBLY annoying to say the least) so I thought it might help a few people out.

I had this problem that I somehow had a ton of random blogs followed but didn't feel like going to 100+ blogs and unfollowing them individually. After a lot of searching I finally came across a very random post that would not intuitively come up via a search engine.

Blogger's help suggests to go here on the main page and select the settings wheel seen here:

The problem with this is there's a broken link (at least for me on all my browsers)...

Well, I finally found a fix for this stupidity and it's really simple. Go to and then the "Subscriptions" tab, then select the blogs and hit "Unsubscribe".

Bam, done. Took way too long for me to find that, which I don't think is my fault (who looks under reader settings when it's through Blogger?).

Also, please fix the "Reading list" error -- it's been like this for months.

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