Thursday, June 23, 2011


This blog post is a quick explanation of the hardware I'm using (laptop/desktop specs).

I currently have a "linxtop" (laptop with Linux Ubuntu/Backtrack 5), as well as a desktop computer running Windows XP SP3 dualbooting Ubuntu (which I don't really use), and also a VMware XP on the side. I'll be getting a laptop soon with Windows 7, at which point I will begin using Windows applications related to network and computer security, such as Cain & Abel and others.

Hello World --- My Goals and Contact Information

Hello world, I felt like this was a fitting title for the obligatory "first post" on my hack-blog.

Well, thank you for coming, whether it be through a Google search, a personal link, or any other means.

This blog will focus on my learning experience with network and computer security (or information security and forensics, as my major states), and will provide simple and easy to understand walk-throughs, explanations, and newbie help for starting Pentesting (penetration testing), exploiting, and general hacking functions.

I'll be using Ubuntu (Linux) with Backtrack 5 throughout this, but if someone requests a walkthrough or anything I do on Windows XP/Vista/7 I might be able to write it for those operating systems. I don't own iOS and probably will never, so don't bother asking for that; just get 7 or Linux.

Contact Me
Ask me questions, report any mistakes, submit articles and walkthroughs, or chat about netsec!
  • - Main personal email; I receive emails on my phone and check them frequently.
  • MJHallenbeck - Personal Twitter. I also post when new blog posts are up.
  • Reddit - Lasereye - Reddit account
Be sure to check out my University of Reddit class page, too!

NOTICE: all of the material posted here is meant to secure your own network against intruders. This is all based upon "white-hat" penetration testing to secure your personal information from outside intrusion. I am not responsible for you trying to hack someones wifi or computer server and getting arrested. I don't condone any illegal actions. If you receive written permission to test a friends or colleagues network, then by all means, make the world a safer place for information, but please do so legally.